Why Choose Avanti Fostering

Benefits of Choosing Avanti Fostering for Existing Carers

  • Many existing carers often hold back from transferring even when their existing agencies provide them limited or no support at all. The reason is the complexity involved in the transferring process. We can make the process of transferring simple for you by managing every stage of application on your behalf.
  • We offer bonus schemes for existing carers joining us.
  • As a carer, you may have had children placed with varying difficulties and problems. Our tremendous levels of guidance, support, and training are aimed to help our carers at all the stages of fostering. We make sure you are proactively prepared for all the situations you may face with any child.
  • Avanti Fostering understands that even foster carers can have emotionally challenging experiences but an agency like ours can help them seamlessly deal with all types of challenges. With a strong community of carers already associated with us, you can share experiences and get ideas on dealing with challenging situations.