Transferring to Avanti Fostering

As an existing carer, your main concern will be transferring of the children under your care. Our strong local authority connections and a wide network of carers ensure that the transition process is smooth and easy. In case you do not have any children under your care, the process will be even quicker and easier.

We aim for quality outcomes for children as well as our carers with full support and a comprehensive induction pre and post-approval. Avanti Fostering is driven by children’s need and our approach has always been to tackle all the problems faced by any child. We encourage positive behaviour in children and offer support with their education, treatment, and therapies to help carers at all stages of fostering. Our impeccable record of smoothly transferring carers and providing them equal opportunities as our existing carers has allowed us to sustain a happy fostering community.

In case you are not getting the right support or service you need, or you have any questions regarding transferring, get in touch with our support staff for a confidential discussion about joining Avanti Fostering. We would be happy to assist you with all your queries.